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Dyna-Gun Care System Kit


DYNA-TEK Gun Shield is a tough, clear, non-stick, protective coating that covers all gun parts, protecting them from the elements. DYNA-TEK Gun Shield has an 850 hour salt spray rating, and makes cleaning mud, ice or other corrosive elements off your gun easier. This easy to apply coating can be applied by anyone and can be reapplied as needed to protect your investment.

DYNA-TEK Gun Shield can be applied to blued, or coated weapons with a lint-free patch and only takes about 30 minutes. In addition, the coating is so thin that a little bit goes a long, long way. In most cases, you will be able to coat 3 long barrel guns with one package of DYNA-TEK Gun Shield. A very small amount of the coating is applied to a blued or coated weapon with a lint-free rag or gun patch in a process that only takes 30 minutes. Used in combination with DYNA-TEK Bore Coat, your gun will be completely sealed from the elements and super-easy to clean.

DYNA-TEK Gun Shield works the same on all guns. The main benefit is surface preservation and protection from the elements on all parts, both internal and external. You can achieve the same benefits by coating accessories such as scopes (not lenses), brackets, mounts, etc.

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